The Beginning

 Hi, I'm Kyleigh! I make hand-squeezed lemonade with my mom and grandma. We have so much fun making lemonade together. When I was younger I had no idea I could have my very own business as a kid. I started with a small lemonade stand in my grandparent's front yard. I worked really hard on weekends making and selling lemonade to the neighborhood. It was such a success my mom got me a mobile truck. I made lemonade for parties, carnivals, community events and so much more! I was very busy. My lemonade was being tasted around the state. I was even on the news. Now, I have bottled lemonade, to be tasted around the world! My mom taught me to work hard to achieve my goals, no matter how big they are. At eight, I understand that even a small kid like me can achieve big things with hard work. To stay connected to me, learn more about Kyleigh's Lemonade, and to learn where to find my bottled lemonade follow me online and on social media. Remember, you too can accomplish your goals if you believe in yourself and work hard. Thanks Mom.